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RCStyx Knobs

I bought these replacement transmitter knobs after hearing about them on RC-Groups Forum. I’m really pleased with them and I wanted to let others know about them too. 

RCStyx is the name of the company and also the product. They offer  chunky knobs for you transmitter, to replace those spindly sharp little standard ones.

I use a “thumbs only” style, and these give me a nice hollow for my chubby thumbs, and gives a nice positive feeling. I suspect that someone using a thumb and forefinger “nipping” style would also find them pretty comfortable too, the knurled finish gives some grip without being sharp.

They are available in two thread sizes, 4mm for JR radios, and 3mm for Futaba, Airtronics (Sanwa), Hitec etc. The pictures show them fitted to my trusty old Futaba Field Force 8. They are made from aluminium, so they are not going to add anything to the weight of the Transmitter.

Last Updated: 22-June-2006

I think this is a great little product, one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. A simple idea that is well executed.


Further details are available at the web site: