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Devices for R/C models

My flying buddy Malcolm has come up with some neat projects, and rekindled my interest in electronic projects. There are various projects available for download on Malcolm’s two sites are at www.rc-electronics.net & www.micro-heli.co.uk.

In this section I will be showing some R/C related projects which I have tried. Some will be online builds from designs or kits, others will simply be showing a neat device which I have found interesting or useful.

Coming soon as online builds and evaluations :

  • Glitch Filter and Failsafe
  • Various Navigation Light options for R/C models
  • Servo Tester(s)
  • Power Supplies
  • and so on...
I emphasize that this is not a commercial website. I have bought each of these products with my own money, and they only appear here because I think they are interesting and worthwhile. I do not simply advertise products, I only recommend products which I like.

Last Updated: 22-June-2006