Chapter 25. Electric Helicopter and Parts Vendors

These are vendors which are mentioned frequently on various popular Internet discussion forums. I do not necessarily endorse any vendors on this list. For brevity, any e-heli vendors who also stock servos/motors/etc. will not be listed again in the servos/motors/etc. section.

Lite Machines Corona and replacement parts

Mikado Logo 10

Ikarus ECO Piccolo and Piccolo Fun

Ikarus ECO 8/16

Viper 70/90

MS Composit Hornet and Hornet II

Maxir SE

Robbe Eolo R22

Quick EP 10 and Sweet 16

Feda Skylark/Century Hummingbird/GWS Dragonfly

Protech Zoom 400/Evoflight Shogun/Zap 400

Align T-rex 450X/450XL

ARK X-400

Motor vendors

ESC vendors

Servo vendors

Batteries and related supplies

BEC manufacturers

Main rotor blades

Carbon fiber tubes and rods

Other suppliers

Hobby associations

Useful webpages and forums



Helicopter theory