Chapter 5. Support Equipment

Table of Contents

5.1. Hand tools
5.2. Toolboxes
5.3. Helicopter tools
5.4. Adhesives
5.5. Charging equipment
5.6. Electronic instruments

5.1. Hand tools

5.1.1. Screw/hex/nut drivers

The best screw/hex/nut drivers for helicopter assembly and repair are probably the ones made by Wiha in Germany. The tool tips are made of hardened tool steel and the handles are made of very high quality plastic. stocks the entire line of inch and metric tools, and they stock both sets and individual tools.

5.1.2. Ball link pliers

Ball link pliers are highly recommended for non-micro helicopters because ball links are very difficult to remove properly without ball link pliers. You do not need a ball link plier for micro helicopters.

Ball Link Pliers

Both JR and Century make nice ball link pliers.

Be very careful when removing ball links on plastic balls (such as the ECO 8/16 stock swashplate) with ball link pliers. You can scratch deep grooves in the plastic balls if you fail to center the ball in the jaws before squeezing.

5.1.3. Submini needle nose pliers

You need an extremely small pair of needle nose pliers to properly loosen the ball links on micro helicopters.

Xcelite makes a very good 4" sub-mini needle nose pliers, and it costs about $15. It's available from Jameco. part #217891

Needle-nose Pliers