3.2. Clones

Some of the helicopters today are either nearly exact copies of other helicopters, or have nearly exact copies of some major pieces.

Table 3.1. Helicopter size summary sorted by AUW

Feda Dragonfly/GWS Dragonfly/Century Hummingbird V1/V2Smartech Skylark, Smartech Aerohawk, Evoflight Sabre, Esky Honey Bee Mark 2, Venom Night Ranger II, Walkera Dragonfly #4
Hornet IIEflight Blade CP (cloned head), E-sky Honey Bee CP (cloned head), E-sky Honey Bee King (cloned head), Venom Night Ranger 3D (cloned head), Walkera Dragonfly 22D and 22E
Zoom 400/Zap 400/Shogun v1Revo CP, Walkera Dragonfly 35
Zoom 400/Zap 400/Shogun v2Walkera Dragonfly 36
T-rex 450XLWalkera Dragonfly 39
Quick Japan EP8Quick Worldwide Little Quickie 8
Quick Japan 16Quick Worldwide Sweet 16

Many of the Chinese clones are attractive to beginners due to their low cost, however, they often have many problems.