Chapter 20. Orientation Exercises

Table of Contents

20.1. Introduction
20.2. Inverted T
20.3. 90 degree yaw
20.4. 180 degree yaw
20.5. 45 degree nose-in orientations

20.1. Introduction


"...what flyers need most is solid fundamentals."

 --Jason Krause interview, Model Helicopter Technique #36

"I think you should really focus on the fundamentals.... A pilot should make sure he is completely confident with all orientations of the machine before attempting any 3D maneuvers."

 --Pete Niotis interview, Model Helicopter Technique #44

The foundation of your helicopter flying skills is good orientation. If you do not have good orientation skills, it will seriously hinder your ability to learn forward flight and advanced skills.

Also, probably the #1 reason for beginner helicopter crashes is losing orientation. If you can follow the helicopter orientation as it moves, you will crash less often.

Here are some exercises to practice which will help you close the "orientation gaps" you may have. You may want to practice these in a simulator first to become comfortable with them.