8.8. Reflex XTR simulator w/USB interface

~$190 (score: 9/10)

Reflex XTR - Indoor flying Corona

Reflex XTR - Realistic Corona model

People have mentioned the physics model in Reflex seems better than RFG2; however I have not tested this. However, Reflex does not include a USB controller (only USB interface for a regular transmitter) and does not support network play.

The previous version of Reflex (version 4) is not as pretty as RFG2, but has a good reputation for accurate heli flying characteristics. However, the newer XTR version looks fantastic - much nicer than RFG2, and it has improved the physics model even more.

Although this is quite expensive, updates, upgrades and new models are available at no cost.

Futher information available from www.reflex-sim.de.