6.5. Other

6.5.1. Modifications

You should avoid adding any aftermarket modifications to the helicopter when are are learning to hover. The reason for this is:

  • If you crash the helicopter, you may destroy your expensive aftermarket modifications

  • You will be distracted by trying to avoid destroying your expensive mods and therefore learn slower

The modifications to avoid when learning to hover are:

  • Carbon Fiber frames/crutches/tailbooms (cracks)

  • Aluminum frame upgrades (bends, increases radio glitches)

  • Carbon fiber frame upgrades (cracks, increases radio glitches)

  • Aluminum head upgrades (bends)

  • Fuselage (cracks)

Some mods are recommended because they improve control and are less likely to be damaged in a crash, such as:

  • Aluminum swashplate

  • Tail servo mount

  • Carbon fiber pushrod (only costs ~$3 to replace anyway)

  • Autorotation gear (REQUIRED for most brushless motors)

  • Ball-in-swash modification (improves control)

but in general, a stock helicopter is recommended.