Chapter 12. Helicopter and Transmitter Setup

Table of Contents

12.1. Balancing the heli - forward/aft
12.2. Balancing the main rotor blades using the KSJ-528 blade balancer
12.3. Adjusting the blade grip bolts
12.4. Flybar paddle setup
12.5. Tail belt tension setup
12.6. FP & CP helicopter swashplate setup part 1 - swashplate type
12.7. CP helicopter swashplate setup part 1 - servo setup
12.8. CP helicopter swashplate setup part 2 - collective pitch setup
12.9. CP helicopter swashplate setup part 3 - cyclic setup
12.10. FP helicopter swashplate setup - cyclic setup
12.11. Transmitter throttle hold setup
12.12. Transmitter exponential setup
12.13. Transmitter throttle setup
12.14. ESC programming
12.15. Transmitter Throttle Curve setup
12.16. Tail rotor pitch servo setup
12.17. Gyro setup - variable pitch tail rotor
12.18. Gyro setup - fixed pitch tail rotor
12.19. Transmitter tail setup - both fixed and variable pitch
12.20. Adjusting main blade pitch
12.21. Blade tracking - CP helicopters
12.22. Blade tracking - FP helicopters

Please disconnect the motor from the ESC when performing setup steps which do not require the main rotors to spin. If the disconnected ESC wires might touch each other when disconnected then you should wrap electrical tape around the connectors to prevent the ESC from being shorted.

12.1. Balancing the heli - forward/aft

The lengthwise CG of a helicopter should be at its main rotor shaft or slightly forward. Otherwise, the heli will have a tendency to drift forwards or backwards.

To check this, first install the heli's batteries where you think they should go. rotate the main rotor so the blades are perpendicular to the body. Grab the main rotor blade grip closet to you and raise the heli up to eye level. Now find a wall corner or door jamb, and move the heli around so you can see the vertical line of the wall corner behind the helicopter.

Now try to align the main shaft with the vertical line. If the main shaft aligns perfectly with the line, then no adjustment is necessary. If the nose is light, then you will need to pull the battery pack forward. If the nose is heavy, then pull the battery pack backwards. Repeat until you find the correct battery position to balance the heli correctly.

If you use a tail servo mount on the ECO, the battery pack will need to be shifted forward quite a bit to adjust the CG properly. If you do this, you will need to put a rubber band over the two front side frame pegs to support the battery pack.

Note: Do not add weight to adjust the left/right CG of the helicopter. This can be adjusted using the transmitter left/right cyclic trim later.