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This site is dedicated to all aspects of R/C Electric Helicopters and will cover all kinds of stuff, including:

  • Building projects
  • Links and download area for manuals and datasheets
  • Reviews of new accessories, developments and upgrades
  • Resources for everyone interested in this great hobby.

Version 18 of the EHBG is here !!

I am very pleased to announce Version 18 of  the Electric Helicopter Beginner’s Guide (EHBG) by Toshiyasu Morita.

I have worked with Toshi to create v18 in an XML structure that can be presented in a variety of final formats. All formats are available on my EHBG page.

Many thanks to Toshi for permission to publish this document here.

Guide du Débutant en Hélicoptère Electrique

The EHBG is now available in French !!

A large part of EHBG v16 has been translated into French, and I am proud to host it here. There is still work to be done on this and other translations, contact me if you would like to help.

New Helicopter Club

If you live in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire, in the UK you may be interested in a new Helicopter Club which has started up. It is my local club, and its growing well, but we are always on the look-out for more like-minded members. More details here.

I’m adding stuff all the time as projects progress, so there should be new stuff by the next time you visit, please send some feedback on how it is looking, and what else you would like to see here to Webmaster

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8-April 2008

EHBG 18 posted

17-October 2006

EHBG 17 posted


French EHBG Translation added


Started to add product reviews and some new downloads.


Details of Road Farm Helicopter Club added


Major Restructuring and EHBG v16 launched. Still some content to add back in.


Sorry I’ve been neglecting the site, but a few new links to manuals have been added.


Hirobo XRB SR Parts list and diagram scanned and added


Finally I posted the full manual for the original XRB. It took a long time to get the quality acceptable. Manual for XRB SR is underway and will follow soon.


Hornet CP Upgrade Kit manual scanned and added


Hornet FP manual scanned and added